Institute of Science Education and Research Studies (ISERS) is an online learning platform that offers both free and paid online courses/classes/programs for Science enthusiasts on theoretical topics including Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, English, and more. We also offer courses/classes/programs on professional/practical topics such as research and innovative methods, career development, and career guidance. ISERS is committed to making it possible for anyone, to study anywhere, at any time, online, at any subject level from beginner to expert. We always focus on skill mastery to help learners establish strong foundations so that there is no limit to what they can learn next. ISERS believe that teaching and research go hand in hand in a manner such that success in one depends on success in the other. We believe that through education, everyone has the power to change their lives, and ultimately make an impact on the world around them, for a better tomorrow.


About Our Courses

Our online courses and programs take many different approaches. Each course/class/program is designed by our expert instructors in the field and customized for the students who attend. Throughout the process, our team tries to improve our courses and programs through data analytics on student engagement and new pedagogic techniques.


About Our Instructors

Our instructors are highly qualified experts in their field and passionate about sharing what they know with students all over the world. They are attentive in delivering high-quality learning materials, services, and experiences that deliver the learning outcomes we have assured.


Why Choose ISERS?

Knowledge is your reward. At ISERS, students come together to find inspiration and take the next step in their journey in Science based Careers. Use our courses to guide your lifelong learning, or ability to teach others. Freely browse and use ISERS materials at your own pace, whenever and wherever that suits you.